Cal/OSHA has published a model Workplace Violence Prevention Plan for general industry employers, and other resources.

On March 1, Cal/OSHA and the DIR released the following resources:

And the long-awaited:

Who Does SB 553 Apply To?

The WVPP requirement applies to all California employers unless they are specifically exempted. The exemptions include:

  • Employers already covered by the WVPP in Healthcare standard (or employers that already comply with that standard);
  • Facilities operated by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and law enforcement agencies;
  • Employees teleworking from a location of their choice that is not under the control of the employer;
  • Places of employment that are not accessible to the public and have less than 10 employees working at any given time, so long as they have a compliant IIPP.

Important Deadlines

The law takes effect on July 1, 2024. At that point, employers must have taken all steps necessary to create, implement, and maintain a WVPP. Employers should not wait until the last minute because there are some potentially time-consuming requirements, including:

  • Getting input from employees (and union representatives) when creating the plan
  • Developing procedures to respond to and maintain records of workplace violence incidents
  • Training all employees and supervisors

If you would like additional information, CEA has developed a WVPP Fact Sheet and a sample Violent Incident Log (.xls download) to help comply with SB 553’s record-keeping requirements.

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