Measure LThe Lafayette Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors has unanimously voted to support Measure L.  Measure L will help bridge the gap between what California provides to our district and what it really costs to give our children a meaningful education.  Community support and business engagement is a critical factor that continues to keep our local schools achieving at such a high level.  Until California figures out the value of properly funding great teachers, facilities, elective classes, arts, and science across all schools in our state we will continue to be at a disadvantage.  Passing reasonable parcel taxes from time to time and supporting Lafayette Partners in Education (LPIE) is therefore necessary.

The Measure L ask of $290 a year per parcel has a 7-year term and provides seniors the option to be exempt.  The measure includes an oversight committee to audit the spending.

In addition to supporting Measure L, the Chamber believes there are many additional ways we can all contribute to the success of our Lafayette students.  Volunteer, sponsor, donate, coach a team, help in a classroom.  The responsibility of raising well educated students does not fall on the shoulders of our schools alone.  Businesses, families of schoolchildren, and community members must all take an active role to make this work.  We get just $8,000 for each student from the State of California.  We need to spend a minimum of $12,000 on each student just to stay relevant and competitive.

Most of the fundraising our Chamber does throughout the year goes right back to our schools.  We applaud our local merchants for their generosity and their willingness to stand with our schools.  We need to mention that great schools and a vibrant downtown are perhaps the most important factors that keep our property values at such a high level.

We urge you to vote Yes on Measure L.  Does it take a village? You bet it does!

Jay Lifson, Executive Director, Lafayette Chamber of Commerce
John McCormick, President, Lafayette Chamber of Commerce and Owner, Lamorinda Music