The Lafayette Chamber of Commerce has been partnering with SCORE, the premier source for free and confidential business advice for entrepreneurs and existing businesses, for many years now.

East Bay SCORE offers FREE business mentoring, low-cost or no-cost business training, and numerous templates and tools to help you start or grow a business. They also provide mentoring about how to address the economic impact of the coronavirus.
Check the “Upcoming Workshops/Seminars” link frequently to see what workshops and seminars are on the calendar.

Score provides: Resources, Expertise, Counseling, Workshops, Funding Alternatives, Social media coaching and advice.

We welcome Steve Doran beginning January 8, 2019.  Connect with Lafayette Chamber’s local mentor, Steve Doran >>

Steve brings 35+ years of experience building and leading customer services/success teams in the Data Networking, Data Storage and Protection and Technology Services industries both domestically and globally. Steve has experience working at both start-ups and large enterprises. His areas of expertise are: business strategy and planning, people development and motivation, business operations, and sales and marketing. Steve can help you define and grow your business through strategic and business planning activities; customer satisfaction and success strategies. Steve can help you do this through developing and/or refining your Go-To-Market strategy so that you can optimize/increase existing revenues and explore new markets. Steve can help you understand what the ideal customer profile is for your product(s) and how to ensure you provide the best possible customer experience that helps differentiate your company in the market.

The best way to set up an appointment is to go to the East Bay Score website,, where you will see an overview of what SCORE has to offer and to request a meeting via their centralized appointments service center. Alternatively, you can call the SCORE office at (510) 273-6611 or connect here with Lafayette Chamber’s local mentor, Steve Doran >>