What story had the biggest buzz in Lafayette this week?  Well, besides the naming of our new City Manager, Niroop Srivatsa!  We are one lucky community.

What I wanted to share with you is the story behind the Roundup Saloon.  Has it been sold?  Will condos be built in its place?  What about Farmyard Darlings and the beautiful Oak Tree that grows between the two buildings?

The short answer is nothing!

The property has been owned by the Hunt Family for generations.  And it still is. Both Karen & Mike Johnson (owners of the Roundup) and Bruce Whitten (who holds the lease for Farmyard Darlings) signed multi year NEW leases.  They are not going anywhere.  Harold Hunt recently passed on and the ownership of the parcel(s) was altered with some new relatives participating.  And by the way, in the near future you we see signs of a change of ownership again.  That is because they are becoming an llc.

In fact, look for the two businesses to have an event in the near future to recognize the history behind these two buildings and charm they ad to our semi-rural town.

Stop in and have a beer, play some shuffle board at Roundup and then do a little “End of the Summer” shopping at Farmyard Darlings.  After all the rumors, they would certainly welcome some visitors. Rumors can really stir things up.  But they can also be harmful when the livelihood of people count on their good reputations.


Jay Lifson

Executive Director, Lafayette Chamber of Commerce