Lafayette Chamber Mixers

Please join us for our mixer networking events that are held throughout the year throughout Lafayette. They are always full of surprises! View a recap of our mixers here.

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Lafayette Chamber Young Professionals

Meet up with Young Professionals! More info here. 


Lafayette Business Women

Meet up with female entrepreuners! More info here. 


Tips for Your Pitch

What can be a valuable use of time, networking or “pitching” can also go south if your delivery is all about “you.” Here are some thoughts about how to take full advantage of the people you meet.

  • Perfect your 30 second “Elevator Speech.” Practice it until you know you have a focused message. Smile and look your subject in the eyes. Show enthusiasm. Once you have this down, DISCONTINUE USING the 30 second commercial! Now you can quickly and effectively deliver your message but you don’t need to sound like a robot. Remember, the person you have just met is there to sell you something too.
  • Listen, Listen, Listen. Make sure you give your counterpart a chance to get comfortable with you. Let them go first. Establish common ground. Ask questions that offer them a chance to shine and when telling their own story. The result will astound you. Have FUN!
  • Introduce them to someone you know in the room.
  • Make sure they get your business card and by all means, insist you accept theirs.


There are many groups in our area that focus on networking. We are happy to direct you to those groups.

Check the Chamber’s calendar and you will see there are many “networking” opportunities every month.