Official Launch of Pilot Project to Test Second Northbound Right-Turn Lane at Moraga Road/Mount Diablo Boulevard

Post Date: 11/13/2018 4:19 PM

LAFAYETTE, CALIF., Nov. 13, 2018—Today marks the official start of the City of Lafayette’s pilot project to test a second northbound right-turn lane from Moraga Road onto Mount Diablo Boulevard. The pilot will evaluate whether adding an additional turn arrow for right-turn movements in the middle northbound lane on Moraga Road can effectively reduce traffic congestion farther upstream (south of the intersection). Striping changes are now also in place on Mount Diablo Boulevard approaching First Street. Drivers will notice more dashed striping for the two eastbound left turn lanes, which are designed to facilitate merging after the turn from Moraga Road.

As part of this pilot project, the east leg crosswalk (running south – north from Plaza Park to Bank of America) at Moraga Road/Mount Diablo Boulevard is closed. Orange barricades with fencing and signage are in place to direct arriving pedestrians to use the alternate crosswalk across Moraga Road; pedestrians may also choose to detour east to cross Mount Diablo Boulevard at First Street. The overhead pedestrian signals are also turned off and covered.

Concurrently, signal technology upgrades are also being installed at both Mount Diablo Boulevard/Moraga Road and Mount Diablo Boulevard/First Street. The new technology will include updated signal controllers (i.e., the computers than run the signal timing plans) and video detection with traffic data collection capability. The signal tech upgrades represent the first steps toward implementing another Downtown Congestion Reduction Plan strategy to achieve better signal coordination and traffic management along Downtown arterial roadways.

While this pilot project is active, staff is interested to learn about users’ opinions of the changes. Please feel free to submit feedback directly to James Hinkamp, City of Lafayette Transportation Planner, at or 925.299.3229.