Every year, people make New Year’s resolutions, hoping to spark positive change in their lives. What is your 2020 goal going to be?

The most listed top three categories are exercise more, get healthier and get more organized. So whether you want to try a new workout, Pilates class, kick boxing, find stress relief, focus on a new diet plan or clean out your closet … we have some suggestions for you.

  1. Exercise more
  • 9Round Lafayette
  • Absolute Center
  • Bay Club Walnut Creek
  • Baby Boot Camp Lamorinda
  • Club Pilates Lafayette
  • FormaGym
  • Formula3 Fitness
  • Gillham Fitness
  • Oakwood Health Club
  • Omni Fight Club

2. Get Healthy

  • Alta Bates Summit Women’s Health Center
  • Behymer & Steel Chiropractic
  • Cambiati Wellness
  • Canopy Health
  • Dudum Chiropractic
  • Green Alley CBD
  • Healing with Holly
  • Jacques Bernou, L.Ac.
  • J.V. Chiropractic
  • PauseNow Bus
  • Pelvis Wellness
  • Radiance Family Wellness
  • Rivulet Chiropractic
  • Sophia Scheffel Acupuncture

3. Get organized

  • Clear Organizing, LLC
  • Efficiency Matters, LLC


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