Lafayette’s 2020 Citizens of the Year

Rick and Janet Cronk

Congratulations Janet & Rick Cronk! Photo: Niroop Srivatsa, Lafayette City Manager; Don Tatzin, 2019 Citizen of the Year; Janet Cronk; Rick Cronk; and John McCormick, Lafayette Chamber Board President/Lamorinda Music at the Lafayette Park Hotel & Spa.


2020 Citizens of the Year Dinner regretfully canceled.

In February the Lafayette Chamber’s Citizen of the Year Committee unanimously chose Janet and Rick Cronk as Lafayette’s 2020 Citizens of the Year.

Unfortunately, the celebration dinner to honor them in March was postponed and now, subsequently canceled because of Covid-19 and the current Contra Costa County Health Shelter in Place restrictions.

The Lafayette Chamber of Commerce is disappointed with the dinner cancellation but will continue to honor Janet and Rick Cronk as our Citizens of the Year throughout 2020. We are most appreciative of their philanthropy and community minded efforts through the years.

If you have purchased a ticket, you will receive an email on Thursday, May 14 with reimbursement options. If you have questions, please contact Sara at

About the Lafayette Citizen of the Year Program

Criteria for Lafayette’s Citizen of the Year are as follows:

  • Must NOT be a current elected or paid member of any City Council, school board or commission.
  • Must be a current Lafayette resident.
  • Must be someone who has given of their time, money or energy to help make Lafayette a healthy community, where people will want to live, work and shop.
  • Must be someone who models excellence in everything they do.
  • Must be someone who brings this community together and/or makes us proud to be a member of the community.

Previous recipients: W.B. Ellis, Ralfe Miller, Margaret Bainbridge, Mel Nielsen, John R. Jacques, M.H. Stanley, C.R. Turner, Theron Nelson, William Zion, Stanford White, Jack Hageman, Lou Repetto, Jop Van Overveen, Vern Odegard, Jack Marchant, Donn Black, Charles Franklin, Chris Adams, John Kennedy, Clifford Feiler, James Lloyd, Boardman Moore, Robert Augenthaler, Percy Whitten, Barbara Bupp, Irene Graff, Ed Stokes, Robert Fisher, Ernie Marriner, Ken Clifford, Don Young, Irene Thomas, Ned Robinson, Alice Johnson, Hirsh Morton, Sue Cross, Tom Cleveland, Herb Joyce, Skid Thomas, Su Stauffer, Tom Courtright, Lynn Hiden, Avon Wilson, Bill Wakeman, Richard Holmes, Guy Atwood, Connie & Mike Collier, Judy Garvens, Anne Grodin, Ellen Peterson, Norma Evans, Robert Wood, Mary McCosker, Budd MacKenzie, Kathy Bowles, Ivor Samson, Gwen Watson, Judy Carney, Jeanne Ateljevich, Team Library, Karen Mulvaney, Gayle Uilkema, Greg Moeller, Toni McShane, Marechal Duncan, Tom Steuber, Dick & Robin Holt, Donovan Jenkins, and Rick and Janet Cronk.

Nominations for the Lafayette Citizen of the Year take place in late winter. Check back here for nomination form when available!


Photos from the 2019 Citizen of Year Dinner, honoring Don Tatzin

Citizen of the Year Dinner 2019