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Executive Director

Jay Lifson
 925-284-7404, Ext. 111

Jay Lifson was born and raised in the slums of Beverly Hills. Yes, there really are slums in Beverly Hills. He attended Beverly Hills High School where he spent a lot of time playing football and running track. It’s a shame Jay suddenly stopped growing at the age of 15. Please don’t bring it up, he thinks he is 5’10”. Jay was a Boy Scout, until he was asked to leave. Actually he was told to leave.

Jay began his long restaurant career with Bob’s Big Boy, home of “Steaks, Shakes and Pancakes.” It is rumored that the “Big Boy” statue is actually modeled after Jay.

Jay and his “not too smart” partners bought a restaurant in Lafayette in 1982. The Rocking Horse was on the west end of town and Jay operated that for a little over 5 years.

Jay managed Hungry Hunter, the Lafayette Park Hotel & Spa & Duck Club and Bing Crosby’s Restaurant before he took the job at the Lafayette Chamber of Commerce. The Rocking Horse is gone. Hungry Hunter, gone. Duck Club, adios. Bing’s, history. 0-5 way to go Jay.

Jay is the proud father of three daughters and Papa to his two grandsons Jayden (nice name) and James I. His bride Kathy Doyle is an RN at Kaiser Walnut Creek. They have been married for 37 years.

Now that you have learned all of this, aren’t you just a little more concerned about our city?

Jay has been your Executive Director of the Lafayette Chamber of Commerce for fourteen years. At one point he was your President/CEO. But during the recession times got tough and the chamber just could not afford a CEO at the time, so he’s your Executive Director again.

Enough kidding around! It is truly a pleasure to serve the businesses and residents of Lafayette. We are lucky to have such a wonderful place to call home. This community has a big heart and soul and I will do whatever I can to make sure the Lafayette Chamber is busy contributing to our collective success. We model our organization after a big happy family (without the mini-dramas).

Join us! Join the family…


Events Director & Interim Membership Director

Sara Regan
 925-284-7404, Ext. 110


Office Manager

Linda Carlson
 925-284-7404, Ext. 113


Membership Services Director – Retired!

Barbara Gilmore retired after 14 years at the Lafayette Chamber. Say thank you and farewell on her tribute page here.



Communications Director

Holly Sonne
 925-284-7404, Ext. 115


2021 Ambassadors
To accomplish its many activities the Chamber has the following committees:

Ambassadors Committee

  • Committee co-chaired by the Membership Director
  • Identifies membership volunteers to help with chamber events
  • Makes contact with new members to welcome them to the Chamber
  • Organizes and runs monthly mixers

Art & Wine Committee

  • Meets year round to help staff and produce this annual event
  • Coordinates community volunteers for event

Budget & Finance Committee

  • Consists of the incoming President, Treasurer and the Executive Director
  • Prepares the annual budget for the board’s approval

Business Issues/Governmental Affairs Committee

  • Meets the fourth Friday of each month
  • Identifies issues that the Chamber will explore and consider making recommendations to the board for action
  • Facilitates communications between the Chamber and governmental representatives/agencies
  • Provides representation at City Council and commission meetings
  • Develops pro-active, timely position statements on relevant issues on behalf of the Chamber
  • Implements community forums to promote dialogue on city issues impacting the business community
  • Works on behalf of membership to encourage a positive, pro-business environment

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness Committee

  • Meets regularly to encourage the Chamber and its members to embrace DEI principles.
  • Encourages business owners of underrepresented communities to apply to be Chamber members
  • Seeks diversified set of candidates for Chamber Board and other leadership positions
  • Educates Chamber members about the responsibilities and benefits of diversity, equity, and inclusiveness in their businesses

Election Committee

  • Consists of up to five members, including at least one member of the Executive Committee shall be appointed by the President
  • The Executive Director will serve as secretary with no voting privileges
  • Meetings start in June of each year
  • Charged with identifying members to serve as board members. Deliver a slate of candidates to the board
  • Recommend for approval of the board a slate of officers to serve as the Executive Committee

Executive Committee

  • Officers of the Chamber Board
  • Meets on the first Tuesday of each month
  • Nominated by the in-coming President and the Elections Committee
  • Made up of the President, Past President, Vice Presidents, Treasurer & Executive Director
  • Makes recommendations to the Board of Directors
  • Direction level of the organization

Green Committee

  • Meets as needed
  • Partners with the City of Lafayette (Environmental Task Force) and Sustainable Lafayette
  • Develops new programs to assist local businesses in being more environmentally friendly
  • Aligns with the recommendations made by the city’s Environmental Task Force
  • Works with Sustainable Lafayette

Membership Committee

  • Committee co-chaired by the Membership Director
  • Directs recruitment and retention of Chamber members
  • Develops and monitors member services and benefits

Reservoir Run Committee

  • Meets year round to work with staff in planning & producing annual Reservoir Run
  • Coordinates community volunteers for event

Helping Lafayette Businesses Committee

  • Meets regularly to develop & implement programs to promote the local economy
  • Works with local newspapers to offer advertising discounts to Chamber members
  • Promotes the “Welcome Back Lafayette” program

Taste of Lafayette Committee

  • Meets as needed to help staff produce annual event
  • Coordinates with the Lafayette Community Foundation

Technology Committee

  • Meet as needed to develop and implement best practices for moving the organization forward