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Community Thanksgiving Breakfast

41st Annual Community Thanksgiving Breakfast

Friday, November 22, 2019,  Lafayette Veterans Memorial Center
Breakfast by Lavash Mediterranean Restaurant and Catering

Our speaker is Sean Perlmutter of Pivotal Twist with “The Strangers of Kindness.” In his 20 minute talk, Sean Perlmutter will discuss the challenges to kindness, why they need to be overcome, and how to make kindness a core part of your daily existence.

Online registration is now open, no tickets will be sold at the door.

We invite everyone! Politicos, non-profits, school representatives, business leaders, community leaders, Rotarians, our Chamber members, etc. to all come together to share in a breakfast and enjoy our special speaker. Event starts at 7am and ends by 8:30am.

The Strangers of Kindness

For many of us, the golden rule is sacrosanct. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Since most of us would prefer to be treated kindly, we tend to act with kindness. But that doesn’t hold true for all of us. We all know people who act like jerks. Domineering bosses, closed-minded relatives, selfish associates. For some reason, they don’t act kind. Why? What are the benefits?


More importantly, acting kind towards these people doesn’t come easily. In fact, for many of us, we withhold kindness from them. Is this in our best interests? Is kindness a transaction to be made with someone who’s been pre-qualified?


And that’s just people. To consider how much of our lives we spend online is to question how we apply kindness. With shorter attention spans, two-dimensional avatars, and a lack of depth and nuance in digital communication, it’s harder to recognize kindness, let alone to
demonstrate it.


Something must be done. Kindness deserves priority. And you will learn how to make it a part of your character, no matter the obstacles.


Sean PerlmutterBio
Sean Perlmutter is a founding partner of Pivotal Twist, a communications firm helping leaders stand out with something worth sharing. At first blush, this seems a long distance from his early career as an actor/writer/director. But Sean applied his storytelling and performance background to business as a brand/marketing consultant, speaker coach, and executive coach. He’s worked with clients such as Disney Consumer Products, Xperi, Centex Homes, and Wynn Resorts.


Sean lived in Lafayette from 2009 until recently. His son attended Happy Valley, Springhill, and Stanley Middle School. His wife runs Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery and JPG@The Bank, the popup art gallery/event space across from Safeway. His interests lie in personal development, the NBA, odd news, and entrepreneurship. Sean’s personal mission is helping others think differently and laugh often.

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