We have no actionable intel regarding any potential events tomorrow in Lafayette. That being said, we have dramatically increased our staffing tomorrow through the evening. We will have a very proactive presence throughout the town and especially our downtown business district. – Ben Alldritt, Chief of Police, City of Lafayette

As a business owner you are probably asking yourself the question, “Do I board up my storefront before the polls close on Tuesday? “This election is anything but normal. What happens if one group is not happy with the outcome or even the eventual outcome. We know there will be protests, and many fear destruction of property and/or violence could come to communities just like ours.

We want to let you all know that at this time there has been no imminent threats to the City of Lafayette. If the Chamber learns there is a potential threat, we will share it as quickly as we can. Boarding up your store is a person decision that you will have to make. As of today, I know of only three businesses that are considering this. However, if you do decide to board up, and you need help getting the materials or assistance with the construction, one of our Chamber members is here to help you.

The AB Construction crew would like to let you know that they are here to help. They are available to board up windows in the area today and tomorrow. Please let them know if your business requires their services. Their goal is to help our community in these difficult times. Contact Angela Mullin at 925-708-2491 or angela@abconstructioneastbay.com.

Other than boarding up your business, how can you prepare? There are protesters and then there are times of civil disobedience.
  • Keep checking for information from the Police or City staff.
  • Be wary of unofficial social media information.
  • If you see something, say something.
  • You might plan on closing early on election night.
  • Protecting your property is not worth your life – avoid confrontation.
  • Lock doors and close blinds.
Lafayette Police Department, 3471 Mt. Diablo Blvd., Lafayette, CA 94549
Emergency 911

24-Hour Non-Emergency Dispatch (925) 284-5010
General Number (925) 283-3680 Fax (925) 283-4126

Look out for your neighbors, and they will look out for you.

Jay Lifson, Executive Director, Lafayette Chamber