On Monday, November 9,  the Lafayette City Council voted to put a 15% cap on delivery charges. The Ordinance will go into effect in seven days and sunsets when the emergency is over.

Please refer to the Staff Report here:  https://lafayette.granicus.com/MetaViewer.php?view_id=3&clip_id=5150&meta_id=122660.

And the Ordinance here: https://lafayettechamber.org/wp-content/uploads/Ordinance-680.pdf


Note from Vice Mayor Candell

We passed it – it goes into effect in 7 days!  Please thank the members who contributed their comments. It does sunset when our emergency sunsets, but looking at things now, it will likely be a long winter since it’s likely we will return to the Red color of shutdown, and we really do want to support our restaurants!

– Susan Candell


Note from Councilmember Burks

By the way, I was in complete support of the vote tonight on capping Door Dash, etc— just wanted our Council to deliberate— it’s important that we do so as a governance body especially on matters that have large scale financial impacts. But you know more than anyone that I’m in support more than anyone up on that dias when it comes to local business!

– Cam Burks